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§ 7 - Mounting To Wood Surfaces

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If you're building into a wood case or for a wood surface, you can use these:

binifiMux 100 Pieces M3x6mm Carbon Steel T-Nuts Zinc Plated 4 Pronged Tee Nut

Litorange 240 Pieces M3 Male Female Hex Brass Spacer Standoff Screw Nut Threaded Pillar PCB Motherboard Assortment Kit

You'll need the following:

Here's the process:

3/16ths (or 5 mm) drill bit sized for t-nut center well


Use the PCB as template to mark the mounting points


Mounting surface after marking


Drill on-center within the markings, and hammer in the t-nuts


You end up with this


Screw the M3 standoffs into the t-nuts


Once the PCB build is completed, attach it to the standoffs with M3 screws
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