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§ 3 - Mixer Block Builds

Black Belt Systems Mixer Block
8-channel stereo mixer
AC-coupled inputs build

§ 3.1 - Build Guides

§ 3.2 - Overview

It's getting to the point where it is common to have many audio sources on our desks. The outputs of desktop and/or laptop computer(s); smart speakers like the Echo, the Nest, the MyCroft; media players; musical instrument processors; bluetooth receivers; security systems; and more.

However, most of us only have one audio system to route these various signal sources through. The typical audio system, if it has multiple inputs at all, only lets you choose to listen to one audio source at once. What to do?

The Black Belt Systems Mixer Block solves this problem by allowing you to connect up to eight line-level stereo audio sources to it, which are then mixed properly into one stereo output; you feed that into your amplifier, and then you can hear all of your audio sources, all of the time, all without having to switch or adjust anything.

That's not all the Mixer Block can do. It can be built and/or jumper-configured to provide other functions as well.

§ 3.2.1 - Features

Mixer Block unity-gain channel >-105 dBm noise floor with TLO82 op-amp
3 KHz to 20 KHz
(My SIGLENT RF-specialized spectrum analyzer doesn't go below 3 KHz... )


Mixer Block in use, mixing six stereo sources

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