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§ 1 - Black Belt Systems PCB Products

Inexpensive, easy-to-build, high-quality, multi-role electronic circuit boards designed to solve contemporary problems.

If you're a maker, a hardware hacker, an ARO, or an electronic hobbyist, these boards were designed with you in mind.

Power Block PCB set
2.5" by 2.5" (63.5 by 63.5 mm)

§ 1.1 - Power Block

Multiple Role, Linear, Zero-RFI Power Supply PCB set

$4.99 USD, + $1.99 USD shippingIn Stock

The Power Block can be built to provide one or two power supplies, with or without regulation, as a single positive or negative supply, as both a positive and minus supply, as a dual positive and positive supply, or as a dual negative and negative supply.

For low power builds, regulator ICs may be mounted directly on the main PCB. For higher power builds, two reversible, remote regulator mount PCBs incorporating on-board regulator filtering are provided. Each one is suitable for either positive or negative regulators. These enable mounting of regulator ICs to larger, off-board heat sinks.

Two battery backup inputs are provided, one per power supply, and when either of the two power supplies are built as regulated supplies, the Power Block also provides unregulated voltage outputs.

Every configuration is fully documented, parts are both readily available and inexpensive, and connecting up the board is very easy. Enjoy expert advice and custom calculators, as well as links to parts sources, all aimed at making sure you can achieve a successful build.

For lots more details, click here.

§ 1.2 - Mixer Block

Multiple Role, Mono or Stereo Mixer, Amplifier, or Buffer PCB

$4.99 USD, + $1.99 shippingIn Stock

Mixer Block PCB
2.5" by 2.5" (63.5mm by 63.5mm)

The modern desktop is often home to multiple audio sources. The question that almost everyone usually ends up asking is "okay, which one do I want to hear right now?"

Well, what if you could hear them all at once? How does up to eight input stereo sound sources mixed down to one stereo output pair sound to you? Fun, right?

That's not all you can do with a Mixer Block, either. Just by configuring its four jumper headers according to the matching build guide, you can select a monophonic mixer with up to fifteen input channels, or a monophonic or stereo line-level amplifier, or as a dual output, fully isolated monophonic buffer, (very handy to drive metering systems without compromising your input signal), and more.

Mixer Blocks are designed to be stackable to achieve larger mixers or other varied functionality. Every configuration is fully documented. They'll also stack nicely with a Power Block, and just one Power Block can power a lot of Mixer Blocks.

For more details, click here.

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