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§ 5 - 7 Pin (B7G base) Tube Prototyping Board

This PCB is designed to make prototyping B7G tube stages very easy, while turning out a good looking and functional result. This is accomplished with a carefully designed series of pad/via interconnects on the bottom side of the PCB that make component interconnection easy, and largely or completely wire jumper free (see diagram below.)

The eight edge connections naturally accommodate two AC lines for the tube filament, B+, ground, and one to four additional connections.

§ 5.1 - Build Guide

This PCB requires the following tube socket, or similar:

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Optional: If you'd like to use edge connectors, these are the ones the PCB is designed to accept:

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This PCB is designed to be easily mounted in a metal case, or on a wood base. You should use the unassembled PCB as a guide as shown on this page, using the following hardware:

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Tip: Assemble the tube socket and, if used, the edge connectors, before adding any other components. This will help to ensure that other components are placed where they will fit properly.
Tip: The Power Block can serve as an excellent plate voltage power supply in its unregulated, positive, single-supply build as documented here.

PCB with matching 7-pin ceramic socket,
edge connectors, and standoffs


PCB interconnect details (top view)

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