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§ 2 - Power Block Builds

Black Belt Systems Power Block
12 VDC +/- Regulated Build

§ 2.1 - Build Guides

§ 2.2 - Overview

Ah, those "wall warts." Or as we like to call them here, "noise generators." Where would be be without them? Well, one thing that would be different is that we wouldn't have all that hash interfering with our wifi, radios and stereos. But it's become difficult to find noise-free linear power supplies for all our handy little devices, and when we can find them, they tend to be quite expensive — even then, they aren't always able to do exactly what we want.

Another problem is the heavy emphasis on disposability. Those wall warts tend to be very poorly designed and built, as well as difficult to repair. They fail unpredictably and sometimes quickly. They're usually tightly glued, or sonically welded, and even if you do manage to get into one to try to fix it, you're likely to find a "mystery" integrated circuit in there you have no chance of replacing... so into the garbage the thing goes.

Black Belt Systems offers a high-quality, inexpensive solution. One you can quickly build yourself from common parts; one that you can easily fix if it ever has problems; one that will be your power supply and can last you a lifetime. You can build one, or you can build many — Power Blocks tend to be quite useful, and they can be built in quite a few different ways.

Each Power Block implements a single or dual linear power supply with the following features and options — all you have to do is follow one of the build guides.

All builds utilize a center-tapped transformer, which provides energy to the Power Block's filter capacitors at double the AC line frequency.

Choose the configuration you want by clicking the link describing your build from the list above, and then build your Power Block according to the build and parts placement guides on the linked page.

§ 2.2.1 - Features

Dual Power Supply
(regulated +12 and -12 build)

Configuration diagrams, parts lists, tips, hints and part sources are all provided so you can build the Power Block just the way you want to.


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