Gwai Loh

Gwai Loh - The Company Mascot

Way back when, if you called Black Belt Systems, and you heard this, you had come that much closer to meeting Gwai-Loh, or "Master Gwai" as he was most affectionately known around the offices.

He was a (mostly) Siamese cat who seemed to think he could monitor, and improve, the occasional telephone communication with our customers. He seemed to know which customers would lapse into a stunned silence, eventually getting up the nerve to venture... "what... was.... that???"

Any really strange sounds (and un-businesslike) — such as things falling over, muffled exclamations of "No, wait! Don't step there" and so forth, were likely something to do with this fine gentleman.

Gwai-loh was definitely one of the family, and we loved having him around, despite the disorientation he sometimes caused our customers and business partners.

When pressed about him, we pointed to the article we ripped out of Time or Newsweek that went on about how touchy-feely it is to have a "pet" around the office — Gwai-loh agreed, and we were certain he kept us around for that very reason.

It's been years now since he passed on in the way of all short-lived creatures, but Gwai has not been forgotten. He is very sorely missed.


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